A Master in France

A Master in France usually lasts 2 years (called M1 for the first year and M2 for the second). All holders of a Bachelor degree (called « Licence » in France) or of some equivalent degree are allowed to apply. French higher education is based on the « LMD system » (Licence, Master, Doctorate). Master validates 5 years of higher education.

At the master’s level, two types of programs are available:
– « Professional » path for students who want to enter the job market after graduation
– « Research » path, typically designed for those considering doctoral studies (in that case, the students will have to provide a master thesis)
The choice between these two programs has to be done before starting the second year of Master.

For those who wish to follow a “research” path, special attention will be paid to the choice of the M2 thesis supervisor. Indeed the supervisor (or some colleague) will help the student to apply for a research fellowship. The M2 thesis supervisor may also lead the student to an interesting research subject that might induce a PhD thesis.
The master thesis must be made at the end of the second year of Master.
Schedules may differ, depending on the university.
The defense of the M2 thesis is often done during summer or in September/October at the latest. It is very important for the student who wishes to follow doctoral studies to start all (scientific or administrative) procedures at the earliest possible stage and, of course, before the M2 thesis presentation.

More information about Masters in Mathematics in France are available here: http://masters.emath.fr (See also https://masters.math.cnrs.fr/structures/institutions/dtype/map/)
Some of them can be jointly done between some institutions. (It is strongly recommended to contact the supervisor of the training program in case you need more specific information.) You must know there may be some flexibility at the M2 level: masters supervisors can validate examinations or courses passed in other masters if the training project is consistent with the student path, the M2 thesis or the project of insertion at a doctoral level.

Registration fees can be up to 259,10 euros for academic year 2013-2014. Students will benefit from many helps such as: social welfare, health insurance. More and more training programs offer grants to the best students (French or foreigners).

This website is not aimed at mentioning all training programs in France but you should check the following page: http://labex.math.cnrs.fr/?page_id=18 which aims at advertising about all LabEx programs you may apply to.


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